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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Summer is here, and with it, energy bills are going up. Keeping your home cool and comfortable despite the sweltering heat outside comes with a price, there’s no doubt. But you can reduce that uptick in air conditioning costs with a more efficient system.

If you find yourself paying too much for your air conditioning this summer, you may have an outdated system. Even if you don’t, there might be a system out there that performs better in the summer and saves you money. Technology is ever advancing, and so are HVAC units. Here are a few systems that might help you keep your home cool and your bills low this summer:

WiFi Thermostats

Everything seems to be connected to WiFi these days. Now even your thermostat can be connected to WiFi, and there are a number of remote benefits you can enjoy from that. For one thing, you can control your home’s temperature from a corresponding app. Maybe while you’re at work and the kids are in school, you can turn the temperature up in the home. Then on your way home, you can just open your app and lower the temperature remotely. Going on summer vacation? Just adjust your AC when you get back so that by the time you get home, your house will be cool again.

Programmable Thermostats

On the other hand, maybe programmable thermostats have the solution to lower air conditioning bills this summer. These thermostats have preset programs to suit various occasions, including changes in seasons, weekdays where you’ll spend a significant time away from the house, and weekends when you might spend more time in. Some programmable thermostats may even allow you to set your own program to optimize your home comfort and air conditioning savings.

A New Central System

Again, it’s possible that your air conditioning bills are higher than they should be because you have an old, outdated system that has to work a little harder to provide proper air conditioning to your home. You should have this replaced with a more current system as soon as you can, both for cost savings and to avoid an AC unit breakdown in the heat of the summer. Search for energy efficient central air systems with no lower than a 15 SEER rating. At Air Solutions, we recommend EvolutionⓇ Series Air Conditioners with SEER ratings of 19 or higher.

You should also determine whether your space is better served with a central air system or a ductless system. We offer a number of efficient ductless cooling units as well, including units from EvolutionⓇ.

Texas summers can be intense, and they can take a toll on your bills with high cooling costs. That’s why it’s that much more important to have an efficient, cost effective HVAC system that can stand up to the extremes of Texas weather. It also helps to have an expert HVAC contractor with 50 years of combined experience to help you save money this summer. Contact us at Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station for more information.

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