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HVAC Inspections

hvac inspector in college station tx
Make Sure Your Investment is Solid

HVAC Inspector in Bryan and College Station, TX

Purchasing a home is a huge investment. One of the most expensive repairs in the home is the HVAC system. Air Solutions provides a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC system with efficiency, safety, and code violations in mind. Protect your investment and get your HVAC system inspection by Air Solutions.

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Why You Should Get An HVAC Inspection

Home buyers assume more testing is done on their HVAC systems by the general home inspector than what is actually completed. Therefore, they read the inspection report which indicates “furnace appears functional” and assume that their furnace is in normal working condition. However, a furnace can be “functioning” and yet operating with a crack in the heat exchanger. Air Solutions will complete a thorough inspection on the heating system and notify the home owner of any findings.


The same assumptions are made for the cooling system as well. A home buyer will read the inspection report which indicates "cooling operational" and assume that the air conditioning system is working properly. However, a cooling system can be "operational" and yet have a leak in the evaporator coil that will affect the lifespan of the system. Air Solutions will do a thorough inspection of the system, and will make the home owner aware of any issues that arise.

“Air solutions is a great business to work with! They're very thorough and go above and beyond to help you come up with a solution, I wish more businesses were like this.”

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