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4 Questions to Ask Before Installing a New Heater

Colder weather is on its way, and soon it will be time to switch on the heaters. That means if you’re in need of a new heating system, now is the time to have it installed. At Air Solutions, we offer top notch series of heat pumps and gas furnaces from Evolution®, Preferred™, and Legacy™. These machines are efficient and will keep your home in comfort throughout the winter. But before you have one installed, make sure you’ve done your homework. Below are a few questions it helps to ask your HVAC contractor before installing your new heater.

Heat Pump or Furnace?

The first thing to consider is the type of heater you need. Gas furnaces are the traditional choice, but heat pumps are beginning to take off as an energy efficient option. Heat pumps can work as heaters and coolers by taking heat from a cool area and transferring it to a warm area. However, furnaces can heat your home even if there’s no heat to be collected, by creating heat and warming the home that way. Installations and costs vary for each, and of course, all three manufacturing companies offer something different. If you’re not sure which one is right for your home, you can discuss your options with your contractor.

What Size Do I Need?

Like AC units, heat pumps and furnaces are not one-size fits all. Because homes are so vastly different in size, heaters come in different sizes to accommodate them. If you choose a heat pump or furnace that’s too small, it won’t be able to adequately heat your home in the midst of winter, causing drafts. It may also become worn down from overworking itself to keep the home comfortable. On the other hand, if your system is too large, it could stop and start. Not only will your home comfort suffer, but your heating bills will pay the price. A contractor can tell you what size heat pump or furnace you need for the square footage of your home.

What Type of Filters Do I Need?

Because heat pumps and furnaces vary in size and style, you can’t just buy any filters and assume they’ll be compatible with your unit. Ask your contractor what type of heat pump and furnace filters the unit uses and write it down so you’ll remember when it comes time to change them out. Now might also be a good time to ask your contractor how often you need to change the filters. Much like central AC units, if filters go uncleaned, they can clog the system as well as let harmful particles back out into the air, lowering your indoor air quality.

What About Warranties?

New heaters are rarely cheap (in fact, it’s a little suspicious when they are cheap), which is why companies often offer warranties that cover the unit in case it fails. But warranties vary from company to company. Before you install your new heater, whether a gas furnace or an electric heat pump, ask about the warranty offered and make sure to read it thoroughly, so there are no surprises. This could also be a good time to ask about financing options if you need financial assistance to afford your new heater.

Have any questions for Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station about installing a new heater this year? Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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