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4 Things to Do When Turning Off Your AC For the Winter

With autumn officially here and temperatures slowly beginning to drop, soon it will be time to turn off your AC for the year. However, there’s more to moving into the colder months than just turning off AC and eventually turning on the heater. Even when it isn’t running, your central AC unit will be outside and exposed to the elements all year. Fall is a great time to do a some maintenance and cleaning of your AC unit, and to prepare it for winter.

Order Any Necessary Repairs

Throughout the summer, you may have noticed some issues in the operation of your AC unit or in the air quality of your home. These may have been minor inconveniences at most, something you didn’t feel urgently needed to be fixed. However, if you let those issues fester over the course of the winter and spring, you may find that by spring, your AC unit’s issues have compounded. It’s never a good idea to put off repairs, but if you’re ready to shut down for the year, it’s especially important to get those repairs in first. Plus, with a fully refreshed AC unit, you’ll be able to appreciate quality cooling as soon as you need it next year.

Switch the Power Off

When the weather gets cold enough, your AC unit will be able to sense that and turn off on its own. However, it’s still a good idea to find the electrical circuit and switch it off, especially in Bryan-College Station, Texas. On unusually warm winter days, the AC unit might intuitively switch back on, and the water it creates in the cooling process will only freeze when temperatures get low enough again. It’s best to manually switch the unit off than to trust that it will stay inactive during the winter.

Clean The Unit

Clear out any twigs or debris that could have built up during the summer and early winter. With a hose, wash the surface to clear off any bird droppings, dust, or dirt. Again, your AC unit is exposed to the elements 24/7, and chances are you haven’t been cleaning it on a weekly basis, so it’s sure to have built up a mess throughout the year. Cleaning the unit will keep it from clogging when you turn it back on in the summer.

Cover the Unit

Finally, protect your AC unit from winter by covering it. You can use a vinyl or plastic cover, as they’re both waterproof and sturdy enough to hold up. You can also use waterproof tarp that’s tied down by bungee cords if that’s easier to find. This shelters your AC unit from strong winds and debris, rain, and possibly even snow, as well as curious animals. It may even serve as a theft deterrent during the time of year that you’re not paying as much attention to your AC unit.

Throughout the fall and winter, it’s a good idea to occasionally check on your unit and push any twigs or snow away from it. For repairs or further information about turning your AC unit off for the winter, contact Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station today.

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