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A Home Inspection is Not an HVAC Inspection

A home inspection is a necessary first step when moving into any home. Many new house hunters will include home inspection as a contingency to the contract with the seller of the home. If the home inspection comes back with too many problems that they can’t afford to take on, the contingency allows them to opt out and return to their search for a new home.

Unfortunately, many home buyers and homeowners assume that a home inspection itself encompasses an HVAC inspection or other inspections they might need before moving in to the new home. The truth is, you should have both a home inspection and an HVAC inspection before you move in.

Home Inspectors Only Do a Cursory HVAC Check

A home inspector will turn on the HVAC unit to make sure it’s running. They also may check air temperature splits and visually inspect the system, but do not perform an in depth analysis of the HVAC system. They’re not required to do an in-depth check to ensure the HVAC system is at peak performance, or to have any understanding of the HVAC system’s energy efficiency. An HVAC inspector will be needed to answer all these questions.

A Home Inspector is Not an HVAC Expert

Home inspectors aren’t underqualified to inspect your home, but they’re not meant to be experts in specific aspects of the home. They understand the general workings of the home’s systems and whether or not those systems are functioning. However, they likely won’t have expert knowledge of the HVAC system or how best to improve it. Much like a general medical practitioner can recognize nerve damage but would have to refer a patient to a neurologist for real expertise, your home inspector can recommend an HVAC contractor, based on the problems they notice. However, even if they don’t notice any problems with the HVAC system, it’s a good idea to hire an HVAC inspector just in case.

Home Inspectors Are Only Required to Check Central HVAC

An HVAC inspection will thoroughly inspect all HVAC units in the home, so in order to make sure every system in your home is in working order, you’ll need to include an HVAC inspection in your contract contingency.

Don’t assume that the job is done because the home inspection has been completed. It’s always best to speak to an expert about your HVAC systems to ensure that they’re running smoothly and they can’t be improved. With 50 years of combined experience, Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station can give you an in-depth analysis of your current HVAC system with an HVAC with an HVAC inspection as well as preventative maintenance. Contact us today for more information.

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