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Air Purifiers: Something to be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

The holidays really are a wonderful time of year, especially when you have a big celebration planned. But amidst all the family togetherness and delicious food, your home’s indoor air quality could suffer. Not only are ragweed allergies and flu season a risk during November, but all the cooking preparing for the big dinner could let off noxious scents and fumes into the air for the whole family to breathe in.

Wiping down the kitchen helps, but at this time of year, a good air purifier can be a boon. Air purifiers remove airborne particles that are bringing down your home’s air quality, from dust and pet dander to common Thanksgiving allergens. At Air Solutions, we offer several different air purifiers that could come in handy this Thanksgiving.

Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Plasmacluster air purifiers, like the Bi-Polar® 2400, are designed to attach to your air conditioning unit. They’re generally small — the Bi-Polar® 2400 is about the size of a mobile phone — but they have a big impact when it comes to reducing allergens and contaminants. Whether you want to clear the air from all the strong kitchen smells or keep sniffles to a minimum, this is a great option. It works through ionization, using water vapor and low-voltage electricity. While this may sound dangerous, the Bi-Polar® 2400 has the highest UL-687 safety rating. As ions attach to airborne particles, they weigh them down, causing them to drop and clear the air you breathe in.

In-Duct Air Purifier

If you have a duct system, you might consider an in-duct air purifier system, like the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier. This small air purifier is invisible to those in your home, because it stays in your ducts, but it’s especially effective at keeping outdoor allergens out. It also sweeps your entire home, covering every inch that the duct system serves. Rather than ionizing, REME HALO® uses a charged plasma to make airborne particles stick together so that they’re thicker and easier for the air filter to catch. With this air purifier, as with any air purifiers, you also want to make sure to replace your air filters regularly for the best results.

UV Lamps

Another option for improving indoor air quality is UV lamps. UV Lamps from Bryant®’s Preferred™ series come in single or double bulbs and use UV lighting to rid your home of indoor air pollutants. These lamps are great for pollutants like bacteria and viruses, making them a great choice for seasonal allergy season. If your house has a problem with mold or is particularly susceptible to it, UV lamps might be the way to go. As UV-C light surrounds your cooling coils, they become sterilized, thus reducing the amount of contaminated air that gets into the home.

You should be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving and overall holiday season, not feel bogged down by indoor air pollutants. Contact Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station today for more information on our air purifiers.

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