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Benefits of a Multi-Stage HVAC System

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Sometimes “on” or “off” isn’t enough when it comes to your HVAC system. It’s nice to have some variation to suit your actual situation.

Multi-stage HVAC systems are typically found in regions with uncommonly cold winters or, like Bryan-College Station, uncommonly hot summers. Rather than turning on or off at full force, a multi-stage HVAC system can be adjusted to have the fan run at “low” or “high” speeds, sometimes with even more speed options in between. Bryant® offers a number of 2-stage systems, and even one 5-stage system with longer than average low stage cooling cycles.

Here are a few of our favorite benefits of multi-stage HVAC systems:

Customize Your Comfort

The problem with single stage systems is that your heating and cooling needs could fluctuate throughout the week. One day might need less cooling than the one before it, while the next could be the hottest day yet. One stage fits all just isn’t practical for most summers. With a multi-stage system, you can find the exact level of comfort that you want for your home: low speed for milder days and high speed for particularly scorching days. The more stages your system has, the more acutely you can control your home comfort.

Decreased Humidity

Humidity levels are a pesky problem during the hottest times of year. You can’t do much about the muggy, sticky weather outside, but you can keep it out of your home. Many homeowners invest in dehumidifiers to keep their home interior dry. However, multi-stage HVAC systems often do much of the dehumidifying themselves. Because multi-stage systems have longer, lower speed cooling cycles as opposed to the brief full-blast cooling cycles of single stage systems, they’re better able to prevent the build up of humidity. Not only are the cooling cycles longer, but the cooling is more moderate causing less extreme changes in temperature.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

It doesn’t take an HVAC expert to understand that if your HVAC system only ever runs at full blast, you’re going to have higher HVAC bills. By having the freedom to adjust your HVAC system’s cooling speeds, you’ll use only the energy you need, and this itself comes with a number of benefits. You’ll save significantly on your energy bills, reduce your home’s environmental impact, and boost your ROI for your HVAC system. Not to mention, if you ever plan to sell your home, your multi-stage system will be sure to add value to your home and impress potential buyers, both from the standpoint of energy efficiency and all the other benefits that multi-stage systems offer.

At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, Texas, we’re proud to be a Bryant® dealer, offering their 2-stage HVAC systems and even 5-stage systems. If you want the ability to customize your home cooling experience, we can help you find the best multi-stage system for your home. Contact us today for more information on HVAC options for your home and the benefits you can enjoy.

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