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Energy Rebates in Bryan-College Station

The benefits of energy efficiency seem to be endless. It saves you money on your energy bills, adds value to your home, and reduces environmental impact. But in certain areas, including Bryan-College Station, there are even more benefits — like rebates and tax credits.

If you’ve been wondering whether an energy efficient upgrade is worth the cost, this post might just be the one to convince you. Not only will you save money throughout the year due to lower energy bills, but energy rebates and other benefits will make an energy efficient HVAC system upgrade that much more within reach.

Energy Back II Rebate

One thing that often holds people back from making energy efficient switches is cost. It can be costly to install a new air conditioning unit or drastically change your HVAC system, whatever the benefits might be later. That’s where these cash rebates from College Station Utilities might come in handy. To qualify for a cash rebate, you need a SEER rating of 15 or higher — which is no problem with the energy efficient air conditioner options we offer at Air Solutions. In fact, our favorite, Evolution® Series air conditioners, has SEER ratings exceeding 19 and still operates with no more noise than a vacuum. If you recently purchased an air conditioning unit that qualifies, look into more information about this energy rebate.

Connected Thermostat Program

Thermostats have come a long way in recent years. Now you can save trouble and energy by adjusting your thermostat remotely from your smartphone. This is a trend that’s wildly catching on, and the city of College Station has rewarded it with the Connected Thermostat Program. For qualifying thermostats and HVAC systems, you can be earn a $30 rebate, not to mention savings throughout the year due to your lower energy bills and added comfort at home. Unfortunately, at this time, Evolution, Bryant, Cor, and Preferred are not on the list of connected thermostat brands, but keep an eye out for the future.

Energy Star

And as always, Energy Star offers incentives such as federal tax credits for a number of energy efficient solutions. For instance, there could be a $300 tax credit for central air conditioning units with a SEER of higher than 16 as well as a $300 tax credit for homes that use qualifying heat pumps. At Air Solutions in College Station, we offer efficient options for both central air conditioning (CAC) and heat pumps. No matter where you live, check Energy Star regularly to find federal tax incentives for energy efficiency.

Doing the right thing doesn’t always have to pay, but it feels pretty good when it does. When it comes to energy efficient HVAC systems, it pays over and over in a number of ways. Energy rebates available are just a few. If you’re interested in switching to a more energy efficient system, whether it be air conditioners, heat pumps, or thermostats, we at Air Solutions can help. Simply contact us today for more information.

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