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Financing Your New HVAC System

Good HVAC systems cost what they do for a reason: there’s a lot of moving parts that go into the manufacturing and installation of a high quality HVAC system. However, sometimes you need a new HVAC system before you have a sufficient budget for the job. This leads many homeowners to putting off a new HVAC system and settling for their old, faulty system for years.

It can be hard to predict when your own finances will align and allow you to afford the right HVAC system. That’s why it’s worth looking into financing options from your HVAC contractor to make the HVAC system fit into your budget, rather than the other way around.

Get Your New System When You Need It

The longer you live with an old HVAC system that needs to be replaced, the more problems it’s sure to cause. This could be higher HVAC bills or more breakdowns and repairs needed. Your indoor air quality might even suffer. With financing, however, you can get a new HVAC system as soon as you need it and curb all those inconveniences. You don’t have to settle for less just because your budget is tighter. You can apply for financing that allows no interest or payments for 12 months or a reduced rate for months or even years. Just a simple application and a credit check stand between you and replacing that old system.

Enjoy The Latest Technology

Maybe your budget allows for a new HVAC system, but not the best system out there. There are more energy efficient systems, systems with smarter technology, or just more convenient features that are a little out of your price range. Here again, if you’re approved for financing, that’s not a problem. You can aim high and find the HVAC system of your dreams and you can find a payment plan that allows you to afford it. That means wifi thermostats or the best air conditioning units available from top companies like Bryant are well within reach.

Several Different Options

No one’s financial situation is exactly the same, so why should financing be one-size-fits-all? At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, it’s not. We have five flexible financing options to help you afford the HVAC system you need. Maybe this has been a tight year, but you know that things will pick up next year. In that case, we have a “No interest and no payments for 12 months” plan. Maybe you can make small payments and don’t want to become overwhelmed with interest. Consider applying for one of our reduced interest financing plans. We have a plan that allows a reduced rate of 6.99% interest for 60 months or 9.99% interest for 84, 96, and even 120 months. All plans are contingent on credit approval, but with so many plans, you can find something that’s manageable for you.

Interested in financing for your upcoming HVAC system replacement? Contact Air Solutions today for more information on the application process and your possible financing options.

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