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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Your pets are more than just a source of entertainment and cuddles. They’re part of the family, and they belong in your home as much as anyone else. But pets can bring problems of their own when it comes to your HVAC system and indoor air quality — particularly when it comes to how much they shed. Fortunately, these problems are not insurmountable. If you know how to care for your HVAC system, and your pets, in the best way for your home, your furry friend can be just as comfortable and happy there as they should be.

Change Your Air Filters

It’s always important to change your AC filters regularly, but if you have pets, it’s doubly essential. All that pet dander gets into the air of your home — which means it gets into your air filters. If your air filters become clogged, it can affect both the performance of your air conditioner as well as the indoor air quality of your home. For the sake of everyone who lives in the house, as well as the health of your HVAC system and your energy bills, you want to make sure your filters are changed often. Make sure that your air vents are cleaned as well, because hair can start to clog there, as well.

Groom Your Pets Often

This tip will benefit your pets as well as your HVAC system. It’s not enough to change your air filters and have your vents cleaned regularly. You should also groom your pets regularly. Brushing your pets every couple of days and bathing your dogs once a month (any more frequently could cause their skin to become dry and itchy) will cut down on much of the dander problems. It will also help your pets feel a lot better, even if they resist the bath and the hairbrush initially.

Keep The Home Comfortable For All

During summer and winter, programmable thermostats and WiFi thermostats can be a boon for homeowners. These allow you to adjust the temperature in your home while you’re away and ensure that your home will be comfortable again by the time you get home. However, if you have pets, you’ll want to ensure that your pets are comfortable, too. Chances are when you leave for work, your pets will be staying home. Make sure that your thermostat programs or remotely adjusted temperature is comfortable for them as well as efficient for your home.

Consider an Air Purifier

If one or more of your family members is a bit furrier than the rest of the household, that just means you need a little extra help to keep the indoor air quality clear. Consider investing in an air purifier. These are designed to remove harmful allergens from the air, whether mold, bacteria, or even the pet dander that gets into your air. Just because your pet sheds doesn’t mean you can’t breathe in healthy air in your own home.

At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, we serve plenty of clients with beloved pets, so we know how to optimize your HVAC system for both your pets and the rest of the family. Contact us today for more information.

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