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Introducing The OilWorks Scented Diffusers

At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, we know that there’s more to your home’s HVAC system than simply heating and cooling the home. We offer a number of products from top vendors to improve the indoor air quality of your home and keep harmful particles out of the air you breathe. But we also recognize that it’s important for your home to feel — and smell — like home. You should be able to breathe in deeply and feel more comfortable there than anywhere else. It’s for that reason that we’ve begun to offer scented diffusers for your HVAC system from OilWorks.

How It Works

Scented diffusers are not necessarily new, but you may never have lived in a home that employed one before. Fortunately, it’s a fairly simple process. The diffusers are installed in the ductwork of your air conditioning, so that when the A/C runs, the scents are filtered throughout the home. OilWorks specializes in making large area diffusers so that they can cover as much of your home as possible. They’re also careful to use only safe materials: BPA free plastics and medical grade materials. The oils used to create the scents are all essential oils, which have been shown to have a number of benefits.

About OilWorks

OilWorks manufactures commercial grade scented oil diffusers to suit both homes and offices around the world. These diffusers are often placed on the floor or mounted on the wall, but at Air Solutions, we think the most effective option is to install them into the ductwork. They offer their own oils, but their oil diffusers are not limited to their oils. You can use any essential oils that you choose in their scented oil diffusers. Their infusers have been used anywhere from dental offices in order to create a more calming appeal to homes, and now you can have one installed in your HVAC system in Bryan-College Station.

The Benefits of Scented Oil Diffusers

The first and most obvious benefit of scented oil diffusers is, well, simply the smell. People have often used plugged air fresheners into the wall to mask or clear less pleasant odors or simply to create a gentle waft of fresh scent through their home. This is the same principle, but rather than covering one room at best, these scented oil diffusers can filter through your entire home, impressing your guests and helping you to be a little more comfortable. These scents are also known to impact mood, as well. They can have a calming effect after a long day, and can even promote happiness. Best of all, these scents are just one more way that your house is your home and set apart from anywhere else you might have to go throughout the day.

We’re excited to share these scented oil diffusers from OilWorks and think our customers will be impressed with the benefits they can offer to their home. Contact Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station today for more information or to order your own scented oil diffusers.

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