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Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter can either be the reason for high indoor air quality in your home or poor indoor air quality. It all depends on how often you replace it. Furnace filters protect your furnace and keep the air in your home clean by blocking huge particles in the air from wafting through your home, only allowing small particles to filter through. The large particles stick to the filter, and over time that can build up. If you go too long without replacing your indoor air filter, you may end up not only diminishing the air quality in your home but the quality of your HVAC system.

Energy Star recommends replacing furnace filters every month, but particularly in the months when you most rely on your HVAC system. Here are a few reasons why replacing your furnace filter is so important.

Protect Your HVAC System

As dust and dirt begins to fill your furnace filter, your furnace and HVAC system on the whole can become contaminated. Large dust particles might slow down the function of the system, leading to a need for repairs. If it’s neglected, it likely won’t last as long as it could with refreshed filters and regular cleaning and maintenance. Repairs and replacement HVAC systems can be costly, so it’s much more in your benefit to replace your furnace filters regularly to protect your current system.

Breathe Cleaner Air

As referenced from the start, dirty furnace filters can lead to indoor poor air quality. The more clogged your furnace filter becomes, the less it can protect your home from dust, dirt, mold spores, or other allergens. In fact, dirty furnace filters are a very common cause of poor indoor air quality. If you have allergies, respiratory conditions like asthma, or if you own pets, it’s important to stay vigilant about replacing your furnace filter regularly. Dogs and cats create pet dander, which would normally be caught in a furnace filter...unless that furnace filter is already well over capacity.

Make Cleaning Easier

We’d all love to cut down time on our chores. If your furnace filter is working properly, you have much less dusting and cleaning to do around the house. However, if it’s become dirty and clogged, and your ventilation system isn’t working as efficiently, that means more cleaning for you. This might not be as serious as the health problems associated with poor indoor air quality or the risk to your HVAC system, but it is certainly a hassle.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Finally, clogged filters bog down the performance of your entire HVAC system, meaning you’ll likely have to turn it up in order to get the desired effect. Of course, when your energy bills come in at the end of the month and they’re significantly higher, this could become problematic. Buying replacement furnace filters might cost a little immediately, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ll save on your energy bills with clean filters and a fully functioning HVAC system.

Whether it’s changing your furnace filters or scheduling preventative maintenance, it’s important to stay on top of the maintenance of your HVAC system. At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, we’d love to help. We have 50 years of combined experience and offer a number of high quality products and expert services that can provide your home with efficient HVAC systems and the care that comes with them. Contact us today for more information.

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