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The Truth About HVAC Savings

Who doesn’t want to save money? Particularly with expenses like utilities and home appliances, the more homeowners can save the better. It’s for this reason that so many HVAC contractors promote all the home savings and efficiency that will come from replacing your HVAC unit with an energy efficient unit. And it’s true, your utility bills will go down with a more energy efficient system. However, some HVAC contractors will overstate the savings you can enjoy from energy efficient systems, in order to downplay the cost of replacing your system. If a contractor promises revolutionary savings or some magic solution to having low utility bills for life, that’s probably a contractor to avoid.

HVAC Is Just One Part of Your Utility Bills

Naturally, if your HVAC system uses significantly less energy to cool or heat your home, that will be reflected somewhat on your utility bills. However, that’s just one part of your bills. In fact, beyond even your other household utilities — such as water, electricity from lighting, and any plugged in electronics — there’s also regional inflation. Utility bills frequently go up for no other reason than inflation from year to year. So even with a top notch HVAC system, your energy bills may still be more than what it was last year. It just won’t be as much of a change with an energy efficient system.

Insulation and Maintenance

An outdated HVAC system also might not be the only reason you’re paying more than you’d like for heating and cooling. Poor insulation can cause drafts or hot spots. Neglectful maintenance such as failing to replace filters or have preventative maintenance done can also lead your HVAC unit to have to work twice as hard to cool and heat your home. It doesn’t matter how efficient your HVAC system is if you allow it to fall into disrepair.

That Elusive ROI on Energy Efficient HVAC

New HVAC systems typically cost thousands of dollars although, as we mentioned in a previous blog, there are financing options that can make them fit more easily within your budget. In terms of energy savings, a new system will save you hundreds each year, and usually in the low hundreds. You will eventually earn a ROI, but it takes time. HVAC contractors also talk about home value, which is a valid point. The more efficient and updated your system, the more the scale will be tilted towards you if you decide to list your home. However, again, this is hard to predict and varies depending on the housing market.

The Real Benefits

That’s not to say there’s no benefit to switching to a more energy efficient HVAC system. After all, technology has advanced for a reason. Saving a few hundred dollars on heating and cooling each year is nothing to sneeze at, nor is the potential for a competitive edge on the housing market. Another thing to consider is operational costs. The older an HVAC unit is, the more maintenance it requires and the more susceptible it is to breakdowns. On the other hand, the newer the system, the less you have to worry about repairs.

The point is that when investing in a new HVAC system, you want a contractor you can trust, not just someone who will exaggerate your savings to boost their bottom line. There’s no miracle HVAC system that will help you to earn back the expense in a matter of months, but there are benefits to enjoy from choosing a high quality energy efficient HVAC system. To learn more about the units Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station has to offer, contact us today.

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