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Why Your HVAC System Needs An Inspection Before Summer

Summer is on its way, the season of turning up the air conditioning to stay comfortable and cool indoors. Throughout the milder weather of spring, many homeowners enjoy low HVAC bills and sometimes not even having to turn their air conditioning on at all. Thus they often don’t consider an HVAC inspection until summer is in full force, or worse, until they notice a problem with their air conditioning.

But there are benefits to getting ahead of the game. Here are a few reasons to consider having an HVAC inspection before temperatures skyrocket.

Avoid Problems Before They Start

Have you ever been at home on one of the hottest days of the year when suddenly your air conditioning breaks down? It could take hours or even days to repair, and in the meantime, you’re stuck blasting standing fans and sleeping on top of the covers. It’s no one’s idea of a fun summer, and for the most part, it’s preventable. Disasters could always strike, but having an HVAC inspection before the heat of summer that tests the operation of your system can alert you to any small problems now that could lead to breakdowns in the future.

Your inspector will be able to tell you if a component of your HVAC system is likely to become overworked and needs to be replaced. They can spot what parts of the system need to be cleaned. Essentially, they’ll make sure your HVAC system is in tip top shape, and if it’s not, they’ll tell you what exactly needs to be fixed.

Help Your System Run More Efficiently

Many homeowners balk at the idea of another HVAC inspection because of the cost. However, there are also costs to not having your system inspected. If your HVAC system is dirty or outdated, it’s probably not running very efficiently, which means you have to crank the AC in order to get the desired effect. That lack of efficiency will show in higher HVAC bills throughout the year. With an HVAC inspection, and subsequent repairs if necessary, you can optimize your HVAC system, thus saving you money on your bills throughout the summer months.

Avoid Long Waiting Lists

You may have noticed if you’ve ever needed to order HVAC maintenance during the summer months that scheduling can be tricky. This is a busy season for HVAC techs. They have many orders to fulfill in the summer, and it may be a few days before they’ll be able to come out and address your HVAC system. If your AC unit has broken down, that’s whole days you’ll have to go without cool air in your home. You can beat this scheduling headache by ordering your HVAC inspection in the spring, before the whole neighborhood has issues with their HVAC system.

At Air Solutions in Bryan-College Station, we offer not only HVAC inspections but preventative maintenance plans. If you haven’t scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system yet, don’t sweat. Just contact us today to have your HVAC inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.

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